There is something cathartic about painting a room. The closest I have come to a state of oneness is when I am painting. I get lost in what I am doing until the old color has disappeared and the space is transformed. Yesterday I found that calm at my sister’s new home. I was tasked with edging the room. It was a nondescript beige when we began and when we finished it was a rich, deep blue offset by crisp white trim. It is a color that envelops you as you enter the room. Once devoid of personality, the space is now uniquely theirs. Each brush stroke ushered in a new vision of stories to be told, memories to be made.

I live for moments like this. For all the uncertainty, the stress and the challenges that house hunting can bring, the reward on the other side is huge. A new address is a blank canvas. It is an opportunity to leave behind the clutter, both literal and figurative. Seize the moment, take chances and reinvent yourself as you transform your new space.

Need help finding your new space? Call me, I’ll help you find your blank canvas.

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