We’ve all heard the phrase ‘move in ready’ and read the property descriptions that boast ‘nothing to do but move in!’  These cheery write ups make buyers envision a life of leisure if they can just snag one of these elusive turn key homes.  It is a nice thought, but there is no such thing.  Not really.  The reality is that whether you buy new construction, a condo, or an older home, they all require maintenance and repair.  The upkeep for a 200-year-old home will be different from the work you’ll be doing on new construction, but both require work.  With new construction, you will have a fantastic open concept kitchen with quartz counter tops and tile back splash, but you won’t have much (if any) landscaping, or the fenced in yard you need for your dog and you might realize that the two paint colors the builder included are boring in every. Single. Room.  With condo living, you won’t be doing the maintenance and repairs yourself, but you are paying for them in your HOA fee, so it is important to find a well-run association with a healthy reserve budget and unit owners who are like minded when it comes to upkeep.  Turn Key implies a sense of completion when the reality is that home ownership represents a work in progress and should be viewed that way.  Need help figuring out what kind of property is right for you?  I want to talk to you.

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