“It’s the least offensive of any of the couches we have looked at.”  Those are the words that came out of my mouth as I admitted defeat and gave in to a monstrous leather sectional with power recliners. I’m sitting with my laptop as I write this on one of these recliners complete with power headrest and lumbar support.  Following an exhaustive 2-year search of what seemed like every furniture store in MA and NH, I relented.  My vision of the perfect couch is a piece of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, not something with power options, cup holders or recliners.  My husband Ken, on the other hand envisioned a giant sectional with cup holders, storage consoles, USB power outlets, and a power recliner for each member of our family.  His criteria was based completely on comfort while mine was primarily based on looks.  I envisioned walking into a room and seeing a gorgeous piece of furniture that enhanced the room and complemented the decor.  His vision was of a fantastically comfortable couch that accommodates the whole family and feels like a dream to sit on.  I’m rarely the one to compromise in this relationship, but we were at a stalemate and that day I realized I was tired of furniture shopping and he wasn’t giving in.  Now, sitting here on this ‘least offensive’ option, I’m realizing that Ken may have been right all along.  This thing is amazing.  Just to be clear, I chose the color and declined the built in cupholders and console option.  Still, reflecting on all the time wasted arguing over furniture seems silly as I sit here in comfort.  This isn’t the first time I have been shocked to admit that Ken might be right more than I let on.  Naturally, this got me thinking about house hunting.  So often, couples are at odds when it comes to what they want in a home. In a market that continues to suffer from low inventory, what if we gave equal consideration to what our partners want?  Imagine how many more options we would have if instead of flat out rejecting something that isn’t the style you think you want, we instead gave it careful thought?  What if form does follow function?  I’m unlikely to make a drastic change in adopting Ken’s viewpoint moving forward, but this couch will serve as a daily reminder that once in a while, he may be onto something.  Besides, the dog really likes it, too.

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