Corona Family Gathering


The constant barrage of information from the media has made it almost impossible for me to focus.  Like many people, I thrive on a daily routine and disruption from the routine has been difficult.   Last week, I needed a break from it all.  I turned off the tv and the kids and I got in the car.  We picked up take-out from our favorite café.  We ate a picnic lunch and took a walk and afterwards we stopped in at my in laws for a visit.  In the interest of everyone’s health, we didn’t go in the house, but instead met them in the backyard.  We kept our social distance moving chairs to different corners of the yard and patio and there on that spring afternoon, we spent some time catching up.  We talked about the coronavirus, the state of grocery stores and the perplexing lack of toilet paper.  My father in law told the kids they should be documenting this as they are living history.  He’s right.  His comment prompted me to take the attached photo that I have captioned ‘Corona family gathering’.  This is an uncertain time, but it is also a moment in time.  While no one knows how long it will last, it is temporary, and life will return to normal. I know there will be long felt effects on the economy and there may be permanent changes to the way we live and how we interact, but right now I’m trying not to borrow trouble as my mom would say.  My focus is on what I can do today to stay connected with family and support local businesses whenever I can.    I am a firm believer that my outlook determines my outcome.  There will always be things in life that are beyond my control.  I can control my outlook and within the walls of my home, the outlook is hopeful.  I am making the choice not to be consumed by fear and not to let panic take over daily life.  I am grateful for the family time that didn’t exist a month ago.  I’m trying my best to be a good steward of this gift of time with family so that when my children look back decades from now, they will remember that in a world filled with uncertainty, my love for them was certain.