Melissa lives in Rowley, Massachusetts with her husband, her children and her dog Teddy. She grew up on the Maine Coast and was drawn to this area because it reminds her of Maine minus the rocky beaches. She got her start in Real Estate long before she became a real estate agent. When asked about this, she says it began when she purchased her first home in Wakefield.

“I remember walking through the door on a dreary Sunday in March. The home was in need of repair. Every surface needed attention and yet as I spoke to the list agent, the din of age and neglect began to wear off in my mind’s eye. I saw the joy the walls once held and I knew that where their story ended, mine would begin.

At the closing table, I sat across from the woman who had grown up in the home. She spoke about the 9×8 bedroom she shared with her sister, and of the bond they shared that was formed as children in that tiny room. Later, neighbors would tell stories of the quiet man who spent hours tending his vegetable garden and how he shared the bounty of his harvest by placing bags of vegetables over their fence. They told stories of a kind man who enjoyed greeting children trick or treating on Halloween and how he lamented of his body failing to keep up with the ambitions of his mind.

Standing in the doorway of that modest bedroom later, I thought of the girls who grew up there, of my sister and of the childhood bedroom we shared, and I envisioned the future for my own children whose stories have yet to be told.

These stories connect us to one another, and to the communities we live in. They enrich our lives and when woven together, they form the fabric of who we are. I got into real estate because I want to tell these stories.”

Melissa majored in Paralegal Studies at Roger Williams University and worked in Real Estate Law before joining a non-profit to help people who were struggling financially to create a working budget and facilitate a more stable lifestyle. She draws on her personal experience moving three times in the last ten years as a reminder of what it feels like to be on the other side of the transaction. This skill set lends itself perfectly to real estate. Whether you are buying or selling, Melissa is a skilled negotiator who does thorough research to ensure you will receive the greatest return on your investment while staying true to her passion to help you find the place where your story begins.