Every home is different and each property should have a unique marketing plan.  I don’t just take photos and put them in MLS.  I research who the likely buyer will be and create a marketing plan to appeal to that demographic.  My approach is multi faceted and always changing.  There is nothing static about the real estate market so I don’t take a one and done approach.

I take a concierge style approach, providing assistance with everything from staging and painting to hiring contractors and facilitating Title V inspections, water testing and smoke inspections.  I am incredibly detailed and will provide a listing timeline so you will always know what to expect and when to expect it.  My number one goal is always to net you the highest sale price in the shortest amount of time and make the process from pre-listing to close a smooth one.  

The videos below are an example of one of the ways I tailor my marketing to find the perfect buyer for your home.